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Digital Humans in Education

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EducationEducational Chatbots with Empathetic Abilities

Did you know that a basic chatbot has just 7% of the functionality of a Digital Human? Or that roughly a quarter of global internet users already utilise voice assistants such as Siri or Alexa to find information on a weekly basis? Digital Humans are an extension of many technologies we already use, creating a whole host of new ways to help educators get the best for their students.

Develop & Deploy

Digital Humans used to take between 6 - 12 months to develop. Today, they can be deployed much faster and are more efficient. 

Integrate & Interact

There are dozens of variations of Digital Humans to add empathy, compassion and a personality to any educational experience.

Engage & Enjoy

Students connect with 'personality' and Digital Humans offer assistance in a great digital learning environment.

Consegna Digital Humans on a range of devices

EducatorsAssistance for Educators

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou.

Here are three ways that Digital Humans like Tess can assist educators with creating the ultimate learning experience.

Inside the classroom - using both individual and big screens, Tess can help you teach students in the ways they learn best.

Outside the classroom - students can interact with Tess at any time of the day or night, optimising learning from home.

As educational hosts - using a kiosk display, Digital Humans can interact with students, parents and stakeholders at any event.

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